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Resoursing.com, an Innovative Digital Recruitment Platform, helps enterprises identify & sourcebest-in- class executives, experts and specialists across various organizational positions.Our specialist staffing services takes up talent search, conduct spot assignments, and compares with talent modelled system to fill your enterprise with excellent workforce.


Who We Are

We offer Innovative Digital Recruitment Platform, Products, Technology & Staffing Services to a range of enterprises from fortune 500 companies to SMEs. We recruit the most qualified & talented candidates from multiple disciplines across multi-location. iRecruit is our Recruitment Platform that hosts Innovative Digital Recruitment Product & Technology.


How We Work

We centralize organizations hiring activities using an integrated digital staffing platform which provides details on vast and effective talented resources both from the global as well as local market. Our digital recruitment platform provides customization options to help you hire the way you want and reach the applicant through appropriate medium.


Management Team

Our team handles massive hirings effortlessly using volume services & match services of advanz analytics. This possibily tracks candidates profiles from social networks and feed them in a centralized database analytical model. Effective campaign are caried out to shortlist interested candidates and proceed with further screening & selection process.

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Market Search

Appoint best-in-class marketing experts adaptable to your company's marketing functions, promotional activities & required driving potential to enhance the marketing requirements. Following are the expertise areas we recruit:

  • arrow   Country Entry Strategist
  • arrow   Research Analyst
  • arrow   Financial Analyst
  • arrow   Tax Advisors
  • arrow   Trademark & IP Specialist
  • arrow   Licensing Specialists

Business Search

Our Search Services offers valuable assistance in finding out suitable top level managerial positions and senior executives for your organization goals. We focus on providing search service for the following roles:

  • arrow   Enterprise Governance
  • arrow   Advisory Board Members
  • arrow   Brand Specialists & Agencies
  • arrow   PR Consultants & Agencies
  • arrow   Business Partner Search
  • arrow   Top Level Managers

Industry Expert Search

Industry Expert Search reaches talented professionals who constantly adopts right strategies to the challenges subsisting in the Industry. We are expertise in hiring professionals from the following Industry domain:

  • arrow   Oil & Gas
  • arrow   Healthcare
  • arrow   Perfume
  • arrow   Builders
  • arrow   Energy Management
  • arrow   ISV staff

System Expert Search

We are specialized in collaborating with the systematic solutions which forms an integral part of business progress. Our team enables merging with the following expert systems:

  • arrow   Original Equipment Manufacturer
  • arrow   Enterprise Resource Planning
  • arrow   Supply Chain Management
  • arrow   Master System Integrators
  • arrow   Payment Gateway
  • arrow   Strategic Channel Partners

Technology Expert Search

Our search methodologies help you hire Technical Experts who are fundamentally strong & able to implement practical strategies in developing innovation. We help you hire experts under following categories:

  • arrow   Mobile App Specialist
  • arrow   Algorithm Specialist
  • arrow   Big Data Specialist
  • arrow   Web Programmer
  • arrow   MATLAB Specialist
  • arrow   Image Processing Expert

Requirement Submission

"Hire the most qualified & talented candidates with Innovative Digital Recruitment Platform"

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