12 Qualities to watch out for when you hire!

Employers are unsuccessful in their efforts to retain key employees long enough to realize a return on their investment. You can identify the best employee for an open position with relevant job description, application sourcing and effective recruitment process, but It is harder than ever for employers to weed out loyal candidates, who will stay with the organization.

Many employers focus exclusively on candidate's credentials, skills, qualifications and past experience, when the evidence is now pointing towards the importance of candidates being energized and motivated by a role. How will you hire candidates with the best attributes, people who have the potential to become good employees in the future, even to become the company talents. Hire best candidates who possess a wide range of easily defined, but hard-to-find qualities.

But are you looking for these qualities in your employees when you hire them?

Employees who do not have these qualities will:

  •   Disrupt organization culture
  •   Be irresponsible & often miss deadline
  •   Leave within a short span of time
  •   Not be loyal & discloses confidential data
  •   Not be able to serve your customers better
  •   Not deliver quality performance

You can avoid all these challenges by having an effective & automated system that identifies & matches the best candidates based on behavioral algorithms.

iRecruit helps you identify the best talent matching your job requirements in 50% less time & cost.

Hire the candidate that can make a difference to your organization!

Posted on 18/May/2016 by iRecruit

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