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Manage and extract resumes from social media and other social networks, get candidate details from an integrated CV Volume Source System. This system helps you manage and source large volume of resumes, candidates and candidates contacts. CV Volume – Source System is an integrated CV sourcing system which has met the needs and demands of fortune 500 companies, small & medium enterprises and recruiting organizations. This allows the recruiters to simplify complex hiring and recruitment process, focusing on strategic sourcing activities, hence improving the quality of the resume pool. This allows you to consolidate all your sourcing tasks in an integrated system to effortlessly manage your candidate’s information. Improve the quality of your resume pool, by extracting and tracking possible candidate profiles from CV Volume - Source System. Reach and search many candidates from social media, internal candidate database and passive candidate database. This helps you simplify complex hiring process and better manage the recruitment process.


  •   Handle large volume CV from different sources
  •   Collect more resumes in a short span of time
  •   Gives your hiring process a much wider exposure
  •   Demographic based sourcing of your target candidates
  •   Shortlist CVs against specific work experience, skills, and culture.
  •   Recruiters can hire qualified candidates from multiple options
  •   Improve CV search results and increase candidate yield


  •   Centralized database of profiles & resumes
  •   Efficient tracking of your applicant’s reports and analytics
  •   Talent Pipelines and Strategic Sourcing
  •   Group your candidates based on multiple criteria
  •   Manage talent acquisition for your unique & specific requirement

"Hire the most qualified & talented candidates with Innovative Digital Recruitment Platform"

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